Best Applications for Elderly People in 2019

Regardless of what many individuals appear to believe, senior citizens nowadays are typically exceptionally capable of making use of mobile as well as computer system tools. While there are most definitely still some individuals in senior living in Oakland Region that stick to their flip phones, more of them annually are updating to smartphone tools and also swiftly learning just how to manage them. For those of you who happen to be technically likely elderly individuals, we have actually provided a listing of the very best apps in 2019 to assist make your life a bit much easier.


This application brought to you by the American Association of Retired People is a wide range of expertise specifically tailored to elderly individuals. It gives you with a schedule of local events for elderly individuals as well as discounts that you can redeem as long as you have an AARP subscription.

Senior Cost savings

It is basically like severe couponing, yet it is all situated on your phone. Just open up the application as well as browse through lots of lots and a list of all the places nearby that deal discount rates specifically for senior people.


Numerous youngsters are starting to realize that the senior members of their family enjoy utilizing Facebook, or at least appreciate the suggestion of it. This app is essentially a variation of something extremely comparable to Facebook yet tailored in the direction of the older community. Share photos as well as videos on the app here as well as view your similar loved ones respond to them as well as comment on them.

Discover My Phone

This is more of a sensible app than a fun or satisfying one, yet it is required for a great deal of seniors. If there is one thing that senior people fight with, it is understanding where everything is. Senior people are often losing as well as misplacing products, especially smaller sized products such as a smartphone, so it just makes sense that they should have an application that permits them to find that phone when the inescapable occurs.

Be My Eyes

If you are among those elderly individuals who constantly thinks that every little thing is a simply a little also dark and also a little as well small, after that you will certainly like this application. It simultaneously illuminates and also multiplies anything that you want to make sure that you don't have to battle to read that restaurant food selection.


This one is not only fun however really helps keep you healthy as well. Word puzzles have been shown to assist balance out the results of mental illness. Help maintain your mind in great shape while additionally doing something that is really fun by playing word shuffle problems that start off easy as well as get more challenging as you proceed.

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